On May 13th 2017, Fanmi Asòtò collaborated with Fit4Dance Studio in Crown Heights to put on the first installation of a recurring project of ours called “Fey Nan Bwa.” The project is a workshop on herbal wellness that introduces several different plants from Haiti. The plants chosen and featured are meant to assist in bodily functions and treating common ailments. Through this workshop we shared the experience of Haitian culture and botanical medicine. At Fey Nan Bwa people, Haitian and otherwise, coming out learn about things they never knew.



A summer boat ride on the water, this event is about making long lasting relationships and friendships. Together we activate our tradition through Vodou to pay homage to our ancestors, use their energy and strength to return home rejuvenated. Bringing together a community of Vodouist and guests, and through the power of the drums, “Vwayaj Vil Okan Nan Ife” seeks to create a sense of pride and power within us despite circumstances that encourage separation and negativity


During the Fall season Fanmi Asòtò hosts “Festival Minokan.” Festival Minokan is an aspiration of bringing together groups we have connected with, who are passionate about Vodou and community, embodying the meaning and representation of all spirits in the Afro-Haitian Pantheon. This is an annual event that builds connections communities that mean the most to us.